Viking Fast Craft Solutions, LLC developed a 35’ x 10’-9” Catamaran design capable of cruising at over 40 knots in rough offshore conditions with a range of 500 nautical miles.  The designed the Mamba’s HYSUcraft hull as a 3D model using Rhinoceros 3D software. The 3D model was used directly for NC machining of full size plugs for the hull and ring deck.

The hull shape was influenced be many hours of on the water experience by the designer and owners on many of the 32’ to 35’ Fincat Aluminum HYSUCAT sport fishing boats built from 2000 to 2005.  These were operated on day fishing trips frequently venturing over 100 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. These boats made many trips on days when the sea conditions kept virtually all of the other fishing boats at the dock. Cruising at speeds of 40 to 45 mph and more in seas of 3 feet up to 7 feet in both head and following seas, much was learned about the handling and ride qualities of the hull. Many minor changes were made to the hull form to create the Mamba as well as the Fincat 2.0 aluminum HYSUcraft hull form.

With the operation of the first Mamba in 2007, these modification demonstrated improvements running in following seas and head seas at high speeds as well as high speed turning performance. This took the excellent performance of the original Fincat hull form and raised it the was is the best performing outboard sport fishing boat period, mono-hull or catamaran.

The Mamba 350 has demonstrated an ability to provide a smooth ride and exceptional maneuverability and control at high speeds in very rough sea conditions. The Mamba 350 is powered by twin Suzuki DF300 hp outboard engines and has a top speed of 50 knots at a full load displacement of approximately 14,000 pounds.